Posted by GVKC on Feb 16, 2019

$1000 to win! Sr. LO206 50 Lap Endurance Race. August 11th

One catch, if we do not have a 20 driver minimum pre-registered there will be NO prize money. This race is intended to bring out serious drivers and to have a clean race between them!

  • Entry fee: $290 (Includes entry fee, practice, and a set of tires) First place wins $1000! Second place wins $500. Any non-driver (non-member) that needs a pit pass it will be $40 for the three days, $25 for two days, $15 for one day.
  • Pre-register by April 14th and get $20 off! Second pre-registry date is by June 21st. Last possible date to enter is July 26th. Must have payment in full by then as well so we can get tires ordered.
  • Tires: Must be paid for with pre-registry. Everyone will run a new set to level the playing field. All tires will be picked up at the track when you arrive. Tires are Hoosiers 4:50, 6:00
  • Fuel: 87 non-ethanol. There is a gas station right down the road from the track on the corner of Rt. 5 and Rt. 15.
  • Weight: 370lbs.
  • Friday – Open practice 10am – 5pm
  • Saturday – Oval racing will still take place in the morning but we will have open practice throughout the day with qualifying at the end of the day. 10am – 5 or 6pm
  • Sunday – Enduro Day. All classes get one round of practice. Other classes will qualify. Mandatory drivers meeting. First race up is Sr. LO206 50 Laps. If we do not reach our 20 driver minimum there will be no prize money that’s why it is important to pre-register sooner than later. Drivers will be contacted for a refund if we do not reach that minimum.
  • Trophies for top 5.

PRE-REGISTER NOW!! Click on the link to register.

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