Posted by GVKC on Dec 12, 2018

2019 GVKC Schedule

**Updated 2019 Schedule**

I am excited to release the 2019 GVKC Schedule so here it is!  As you will notice there are a few different things this year!  I am hoping this will give drivers more opportunities on club races with enough drops to include rainouts and any other weekends they might be busy.  A few things to note:

  • Oval Racing will stay on Saturdays.  Open practice will still be available for everyone.
  • There is NO fall series; we are running our schedule April-Oct!  Our schedule will run 22 race weekends for club points, taking the best 14.  You must meet the required races to be eligible for year end awards.
  • Besides our 22 race weekends we are excited to be part of the New York Karting Championship with Lafayette Motorsports Park and New York Race Complex.  This year we will be running a total of 6 races for the series counting the best 5.  There will be two races per track this year.  No club points will be awarded during our two events.  Classes and more info to come!
  • GVKC will be hosting the 2nd Annual Karting and Mini Bike Antique and Historic Event May 30, 31 and June 1st.  The VKA will also hold their 10th Annual Vintage Karting Reunion July 25-27.
  • GVKC will hold their Annual Memorial Races which include money races.  The more of you that come, the bigger the payout!
  • This year is the 60th Anniversary of the track!  June 22nd we will hold a double points weekend!  Come celebrate with us…more info to come.
  • August 10th we will be hosting Enduro Day! All classes are invited to take part of a day of Endurance Racing! No club points awarded.  Keep an eye out for more details on this one!
  • Our Annual Membership Meeting will be help Sunday March 17th at the Avon Veterans Hall at 11am.  Come join us to save on your annual membership fees, see what’s new for the upcoming season, and ask questions for anyone new and interested.
  • Rookie School will be help on Saturday April 13th.  All new drivers/rookies must complete Rookie School and 3 practices before being able to participate on race day.

So come race with us in our 2019 Season!  Stay tuned for more info on our upcoming season and special events!  If anyone has any questions you can email me at


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