Posted by Terry on May 9, 2012

Oval Race Results May 5th, 2012

Spenser Schwartz #23 leading the way

Once again, beautiful weather prevails for Oval racing at GVKC and another good kart turnout. There were 8 karts on hand In the heavy division, 4 karts in the lite division and 1 Jr III racer. The racing was action packed with lots side by side racing and plenty of lead changes. You know Its going to be a great season with that kind of racing this early in the season. More Karts are expected to race the GVKC 1/8 mile oval as the year progresses. Congrats to all of the winners and a big thanks to all of the volunteers that helped out:)

Bob Secules # 2 - looking good!

Light-Clone Class
1st          Spenser Schwartz #23
2nd          Bob Secules # 2
3rd          Steven Cali #88
4th         Heidi Farnan # 1

Austin Bradley # 22

Heavy-Clone Class
1st           Max Wood A# 10
2nd          Bob Secules #7
3rd          Dave Farnan # 54
4th          John Kowalski #11
5th          Rick Briggs # 71
6th          John Sippel # 91
7th          Gary Cali # 111
8th          Gary Gustafson #9
Junior Clone
1st          Austin Bradley # 22

Steven Cali #88

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