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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share with all of you a few upcoming points. In recent weeks I along with some board members have been a little frustrated with the uncompleted work with regards to our paving project. I want to give you the latest information on this and that is as follows:

I have been told that between today and tomorrow the dirt piles will be distributed around the edges of the track.

I have been told that early next week (June 30/ July 1) that milling and repaving of the two bumpy areas will be completed. These are in the oval straight start/finish line and between oval corners 1 & 2.

With the milling/repaving mentioned above we will not be able to have any karts on the track until the weekend after July 4th break. This includes no track rental as well during this period. Racing will resume with oval/open practice on July 12 and sprint July 13.  Lets keep our fingers crossed that this work gets completed.

June 28 (Saturday) open practice will be in reverse in preparation for Sunday’s competition to also be run in reverse.

We are still looking for members to help with Saturday running oval/open practice with the incentive mentioned in the previous posting.

Looking ahead to the Vintage weekend. We will have people coming to our track from all over the country and Canada and it would be really nice if our facility was looking as good as it can to impress these people. We would like to have the grounds trimmed and fences painted before that weekend.  More information about the planning of this will be coming soon.


Jeff Stark

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