Posted by Terry on May 14, 2013

A Frigid Mothers Day..

What more could a Mother want on her special holiday? Near freezing temperatures and slick pavement were in abundance at Avon this Mother’s day. I’d like to take a moment to thank all of the Moms who participated, or allowed someone to participate in the insanity we call kart racing. THANK YOU!

GVKC once again put on a successful event. Mike F. (the “F” stands for Flag-Meister) was cold, tired, and feeling sick. He trucked through the day and we at FroggyBottomRacing would like to send him our best wishes on a quick recovery.

The track was like diving on wet glass. Spins abounded for the less experienced drivers, but there was a marked lack of contact. Kudos to the drivers for being on the ball and avoiding each other. I know that some of the new folks were a bit nervous about skidding out. I’m really glad everyone stuck with it, and hope that it was a good learning experience. I know I learned a lot.

On a personal note my previous best lap time was just over 40 seconds. This was on a relatively warm day, with the track completely to myself. Even with the conditions as cold and slick as they were, I was able to put down fairly consistent 37-38 second laps. This is still a few seconds off of the established TAG pace, and those laps were not pretty to look at. My wife said I was all over the place, but looked like I was having fun. Being able to toss the kart into a corner, and see if it would stick was a great confidence builder for me. I had a few spins, and the Yamaha pipe I was running with suffered an off track excursion because of me (Sorry dude, I felt terrible). I now have a much better feel for this chassis, and when it’s about to break loose and bite me. It was a good day, and totally worth it.

We hope that everyone who couldn’t make it had a safe and happy Mother’s day. We look forward to seeing you all at the track next week.

Rusty and the FroggyBottomRacing team

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