About GVKC

The Genesee Valley Kart Club, one of the largest asphalt racing clubs in the country, is located on Route 15 in Avon, 1/2 mile south of Routes 5 & 20.


Kart racing is not only fun, it is the training for tomorrow’s professional drivers. A very short list of drivers who started in karts includes Emerson Fitipaldi, Scott Pruett, Al Unser Jr., Alain Prost, Lake Speed and Michael Andretti. Kart racing gives you the opportunity to learn about all aspects of racing vehicle dynamics, engine tuning and proper driving techniques.

The GVKC is a family oriented organization. Children begin racing at age 5 and we have had racers in their 60’s too! Many families help out during the race day as “pit crews” for the karters. You’ll see family members keeping lap times, working on engines, helping the racers suit up before the race and lots of other activities.

Karting is one of the least expensive forms of motor sports. Good, competitive used equipment is how most people choose to begin. At GVKC, we race on an SL compound tire, which is harder and therefore lasts longer than sticky tires that may last only one day. Depending on class and tire used, you could expect to use 1 to 4 sets of tires per year. Under normal conditions, the weekly maintenance costs are low and many people learn how to make their own repairs.

Safety is #1. All karts are inspected each race day to make sure they are race ready. In addition, all drivers are required to wear full face helmets with the latest safety rating, protective clothing, gloves, high top shoes and a neck collar.

Saturday’s racing is the Oval Course and Sunday’s racing is the Sprint Course.  Admission is FREE to the grandstands. Spectators can enter the pits during afternoon intermission.

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Come out and spend some time with us. We are always happy to answer your questions and tell you why we like karting.

We think you’ll like it too!

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For more information, email gvkc60@gmail.com or go to our Contacts Page.