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2016 Board & Open Positions

There may be snow on the ground…but it’s not too soon to start thinking about spring racing! Our 2016 board, selected through uncontested nominations, is now working on a schedule for the coming season. If you weren’t able to meet the board at our annual awards banquet, we’re pleased to introduce them here: President: Trevor Frederick Vice President: Don Foley Treasurer: Al Gutberlet Co-Secretary: Darla Frederick Co-Secretary: Shaylan Johnson Race Director: Board Committee (TBD) Assistant Race Director: Open Safety Director: Steve Coon Promotions: Fran Johnson* Online/Points: Emily Coon Groundskeeper: Open 2-Cycle Reps: Kevin Orlop & Andy Salsbury 4-Cycle Rep: Rich Gamrod Oval Track Liaisons: John Kowalski / Dave Farnan Head Flagger (Saturday ovals): Marilou Stange Head Flagger (Sunday): Open Vintage Liaisons: Scott Kneisel & Sam Polito Several positions remain open, and more info on those can be found below. GVKC welcomes candidates for open positions throughout the year, as well as inquiries from friends and members who can offer intermittent volunteer support. Thank you for making our operations possible! RACE DIRECTOR: For several years, this has been a difficult position to fill with a qualified and available candidate. The board is currently discussed a strategy for sharing the duties of Race Director among a committee of experienced board members to proactively address this need. To share feedback or suggestions, please contact Trevor Frederick or email HEAD FLAGGER: Candidates who are interested in supporting Sunday race flagging at a per diem of $75 per day (hours: noon to 5 pm) should email with a brief summary of qualifications and general availability, for board review. Head flaggers will be need from mid-April through the end of October. PROMOTIONS: Member Fran Johnson joined the board in January 2016. Additional support in this area is always welcome; to learn more, please contact Trevor Frederick or email To connect with a board member, visit our Contacts page....
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Nominate a candidate to the 2016 GVKC Board

Who would you like to see represent the Genesee Valley Kart Club as a 2016 board member? We’re looking for nominations! This year, candidates can be nominated either by paper form or via an online submission form. Hard copy nomination forms will be mailed to current members within the next few days; you may also use the link at the bottom of this post to nominate one or more candidates. All nominations must be submitted by Monday, October 12th.  FAQs: Q: What are the responsibilities of each position? A: For more information, talk with a current board member or check out Page 6 of the 2015 GVKC rulebook. Q: Can I nominate myself? A: Yes, please do! Volunteer support is essential to keep the club running smoothly. Q: What happens after nominations are submitted? A: Nominees will be contacted to confirm their acceptance. If two people are nominated to a single position, club members will vote by paper ballot to select a candidate. Submit a candidate through the 2016 GVKC Board Nomination...
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Saturday Open Practice Schedule

Open practice on Saturday is a great way to get some extra seat time and dial in your setup. If you’re joining us for the first time, here are the specifics of our schedule: 9 AM: Registration opens 10 to 11 AM: Oval kart practice ONLY 11 am to 4 PM: Oval racing / open practice* 4:30 PM: Motors must be shut off 5 PM: Track closes for the day *Oval racing generally begins around 11:15 AM, and consists of two heats and a feature. Drivers who wish to use the road course for open practice can utilize the track between each oval race. Oval racing normally wraps up by 1 pm, leaving the track freely available for open practice. Please visit our Fees page for more information on practice fees for member / non-member drivers and guests. More information on practice day rules, fees and schedules is also available in our 2015 Rulebook. We hope to see you...
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Sharpen your tuning skills: July 11 training clinic

Summer is here…and it’s the season for racing! Join us to sharpen your tuning skills at our third training clinic, happening this Saturday, July 11th at 1 pm. Led by training coordinator Kevin Orlop, this clinic will be a hands-on session focusing on the HOW and WHY of kart setup, including a demonstration of scaling and alignment adjustments. This clinic aims to give participants a more thorough understanding of what it takes to put a kart together for maximum performance, and how small adjustments affect what happens on the track. Drivers Nate Shelhart and Brenna Orlop will provide track demonstrations to offer real-time visual feedback of the principles being discussed. The clinic is free to current GVKC members (standard practice / pit pass fees apply). While no advance registration is necessary, we encourage you to fill out our online form to let us know that you’re interested in attending. This allows GVKC to contact you directly with any updates to the schedule or curriculum, and to tailor offerings to fit your specific needs. See you soon! Register for the July 11th training clinic....
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See You Next Weekend

Just a reminder that the track is closed for Mother’s Day weekend. Enjoy your time with family…and we’ll see you next week!
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