Track Phone:

(585) 226-2940 (During GVKC scheduled events only)


Club Information:


Phone: (585) 363-3795 or (585) 752-5640


2016 Board of Directors

President Trevor Frederick
Vice President Don Foley
Treasurer Al Gutberlet – (585) 872-1973
Co-Secretaries Darla Frederick / Shaylan Johnson
Race Director Staffed position
Assistant Race Director Open
Safety Director Steve Coon
Promotions Fran Johnson
Online/Points Emily Coon
Groundskeeper Open
2 Cycle Representatives Kevin Orlop / Andrew Salsbury
4 Cycle Representative Rich Gamrod – (585) 748-6749
Oval Track Liaisons John Kowalski / Dave Farnan
Head Flagger Marilou Stange (Saturday) / Open (Sunday)
Vintage Liason Scott Kneisel / Sam Polito


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