Posted by Rusty on Jul 1, 2013

Did you miss out on a great day at the track?

As it turned out Sunday was a great day to hit the track. We had a surprisingly large attendance, even with the threat of rain, and the WKA folks practicing elsewhere for the nationals. The rain had washed the rubber off of the track, and it was a bit on the slick side at the start of the day. Two sets of practice laps, and a little sun improved the traction some. I do believe that we had a record number of Kid Karts in attendance, and they were all entertaining as usual.

Mike was out of town and I stepped in as Race Director. I would like to thanks Andrea, Terry, Rich, Al G., and Al D. These officers were extremely helpful, and made for a smooth and relatively care free day. Special thanks goes out to Tim Shelhart. Tim volunteered to take on the responsibility of head flagger during RJ’s races. Last, but not least, I’d like to thank all of those that volunteered to help flag the races. I don’t think any Race Director ever had an easier time getting the corner positions filled.

The last comment I’d like to make is directed at McAndrew Gamrod. Your antics while racing with Jeremy had us all laughing. Rich kept yelling “throw the checker, throw it now” every time you managed to get ahead. I had to throw the rolled black out of principal, but was cracking up the whole time. Thanks, you really made my day.


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