How to post in Classifieds

Posting your advertisement is easy. From the mainpage, simply click on Forum/Classifieds to get started. Then look at where it says “GVKC Marketplace”. The topics are broken into 3 categories, 4-cycle, 2-cycle, and other. This makes it easier for members to find items they are interested in. Be sure you click on the appropriate category for your item.

To start writing your advertisement, just click on “New Topic” as shown here:

Then simply Write up your post. Include a title and whatever information you would like to add about your item. To Make text bold, italic or underlined, you must highlight the text with your mouse first, then click the button to modify it. You may see some brackets and lettering as shown (for making below, but it will not be seen in the final ad. When clicking submit, it will save, publish, take you to the final look of your post. You can go back and edit at any time.

Have fun and happy posting!

Click to see this demo post