Posted by Board Secretary on Mar 4, 2015

GVKC Mission Statement

The GVKC board would like to send out a big “thank you” to all members who took the time to offer feedback on a draft version of our mission statement for 2015. With your input and wordsmithing, we feel the final document will serve as a strong touchstone for what we’re striving to achieve.

2015 Mission Statement

The actions and decisions of the Genesee Valley Kart Club board are informed by these central goals:

  1. To provide a safe setting for drivers, course workers and spectators.
  2. To give the membership an experience they enjoy and look forward to each week.
  3. To ensure drivers compete fairly.
  4. To provide more driver and team development opportunities.
  5. To improve membership communications.
  6. To promote the club to ensure sustainability.

View the full document.

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