Posted by jeffstark on Jun 17, 2014

Help From Membership

Hi Everyone,

It has been sometime since my last post but I wanted to share a few items that were discussed at our most recent Board meeting. The first thing is we are needing your help on Saturdays with running the open practice/oval racing. We would like offer an incentive to attract the membership to help us out. What we have come up with is if a member and a member racer wish to help run the show on Saturday, they will be able to get both pit passes and practice fees waived for the day. We are looking for only one member and one member racer per Saturday to assist the Board member who has already signed up to be there. Essentially your are able to gain access to the pits and practice for free in exchange for helping out.

We are looking for your help as soon as possible for Saturdays. You can sign up at registration or contact me and let me know when you’re available.    585-329-6178 or email

I understand that some kid kart families were asking if they can run 8 laps for each of their heats/feature instead the current 6,6,8. We discussed it and have changed it as requested. The kid karts will now run 8 laps for all their heats/feature races.

As for running in reverse starting June 29, 2014 and every 4th week as scheduled, it will take place.

One final update, for those interested in running the WKA divisional, our 2nd event is this weekend on June 22, 2014.



Jeff Stark

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