NOTE: Classes and Weights to be run at GVKC for the season will be finalized for the season based on the registrations received by the time of the initial meeting. We recommend talking with one of our 2-cycle, 4-cyle or oval reps before purchasing your equipment. Visit our Contacts page for more information.

Four Cycle Class Structure

Kid Kart – Briggs L0206 (gas) long black slide Ages 5-7 200 lbs

Sportsman – Briggs L0206 Ages 7-12  250 lbs

Jr Animal (Sealed) Red plate (Gas) Ages 8-10 250lbs
Jr Animal (Sealed) Gold plate (Gas) Ages 11-15 275lbs
Sr Animal (Sealed) Senior Light (Gas) Ages 15+ 325lbs
Sr Animal (Sealed) Senior Heavy (Gas) Ages 15+ 360lbs
Masters Sealed Animal Heavy (Gas) Ages 35+ 375lbs

WKA Sportsman Pro-Gas Lite Green Plate (Alcohol) Ages 7-12 265lbs
WKA Sportsman Pro-Gas Heavy Green Plate (Alcohol) Ages 7-12 275lbs
WKA Sportsman Methanol Blue Plate (Alcohol) Ages 7-12 275lbs
WKA Jr. Pro-Gas Orange Plate Ages 12-15 320lbs
WKA Jr. Medium Methanol Black Plate Ages 12-15 320lbs
WKA Jr. Heavy Mix Pro-Gas Orange Plate/Methanol Black Plate Ages 12-15 320/330lbs
WKA Briggs Sr. Pro-Gas Animal Unrestricted Plate Ages 15+ 360lbs
WKA Briggs Sr. Animal Medium/Unrestricted Methanol Ages 15+ 375/390lbs
WKA Briggs Sr. Stock L0206 Ages 15+ 375lbs

**4 cycle classes will run 5″ Dunlop SL4, Bridgestone YHC, or Burris 55 unless otherwise designated above**

Oval Classes

Jr. Clone 3 Ages 12-15 320lbs
Sr. Clone Lite Ages 15+ 330lbs
Sr. Clone Heavy Ages 15+ 375lbs
Sr. Clone Super Heavy Ages 15+ 400lbs (Driver 200 lbs minimum)

Two Cycle Class Structure

Kid Karts Comer 50cc (gas w/restrictor) 5” tires Ages 5-7 150lbs

Yamaha Jr. Sportsman KT100 (gas/oil)Sm Carb/Can exh Ages 8–12 250 lbs
Yamaha Jr. Super Can KT100 (gas/oil)Lrg Carb/Can Exh Ages 12-15 310 lbs
Yamaha Sr. Sportsman KT-100 (gas/oil)Lrg Carb/Can Exh Ages 15+ 335 lbs
Yamaha Sr. Pipe KT-100 (gas/oil)Lrg Carb/Pipe Exh Ages 15+ 365 lbs
Yamaha Masters KT-100 (gas/oil)Lrg Carb/Pipe Exh Ages 35+ 390 lbs

Tag Sr WKA Tag Rules 16+ WKA