Posted by Rusty on May 20, 2013

Kid Karts Battle Heats Up, Mike and His New Mic, and Some Other Stuff Happened!

Please excuse me as I write this. I couldn’t find my hat, looked at the cloudy forecast, and made a poor choice to do without. The sunburn may be effecting the way I remember things.

Kid Karts – Once again Blake dominated the field with lead in his foot, and fire in his eyes. He was challenged for position by the silent and cunning Will. There was a fierce battle raging between sisters “Mohawk” and “Ponies”. Paint was swapped, tires screeched, and engines revved. After the races Blake was asked, “Were you the super-fast racer out there?” to which he replied in his thundering voice, “Yeah”. Meanwhile Brooke and Brynn were overheard talking to their respective pit crews about mounting lasers, or rockets, or something…. That might just be the sunburn talking. However, all of the kid kart racers said that they had a lot of fun.

Mike was like a kid at Christmas – We got the new(ish) professional wireless microphone working. Mike can now bend your ear from anywhere, including the Monza. On an unrelated note Gander Mountain has a sale on bulk ear plugs. Sorry Mike, I couldn’t help it. The bonus for everyone else is that it will be easier to hear when the races are being called!

Some other Stuff – It was awesome flagging on the track with 7 TAG’s whipping by, all in the hunt for the cash at the end of the Money Race. WKA racers showed some good moves in the hunt for WKA points. The Sealed Gold Plate class was finally lining up for starts, making clean passes, and driving like they had been doing this for years {I look over and glare at my son RJ}.
All in all, it was a good day at the track. If you haven’t been out yet this year, what are you waiting for?

P.S. Don’t forget your hat and some sunblock.{ouch}

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