Posted by Rusty on Jun 12, 2013

Kids Like Cake and Ice Cream!

I’d like to thank everyone for helping me celebrate my 41st B-day on the 9th. Seeing all of the smiles on the kids faces (both young and old) really made my day. I was a bit under the weather, and the day was a blur. I’d like to thank non-members Jill and Ray for baking in the sun and flagging a good portion of the day. Also a big thanks to those that stayed late to flag the last few races. Without people like you the show would come to a screeching halt.
Mike F. made his debut in Sr. Pro Gas, while I played stand in Race Director. The best part about being head flagger is the support and comrade from the hard working crew in the tower. You would think that it’s easy counting to 10. With everything else that’s going on I occasionally lose my count, and they bring me right back on track using wild gestures and hand signals.
Last but not least, Thank You! Everyone that shows up to race, or support a racer is helping to keep the track open, and keep the racing exciting. The two gents running in Predator class showed that they understand what club racing is about. When one of them spun, the other waited for him to catch up so they could race some more. The absence of the “win no matter what” attitude is what brought our family to the GVKC, and what will keep folks coming back for more.
Have a great week, and we hope to see you all at the track next weekend.

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