Posted by Board Secretary on Mar 25, 2018

New 2-Cycle Sportsman Class for 2018

New in 2018 for 2-cycle cadet racers ages 8-12, the Yamaha Sportsman class will convert to a 2-Cycle Sportsman class that opens up the option for additional motor types. This will be scored as a single class. Eligible options include:

  1. Yamaha KT-100 with small carb, RLV 4-hole can exhaust: 235 lbs
  2. Yamaha KT-100 with large carb, RLV 3-hole can exhaust: 250 lbs
  3. Vortex Mini Rok 60cc tag: 245 lbs
  4. IAME Mini Swift 60cc tag: 250 lbs
  5. Comer 80cc: 225 lbs
  6. Other 2-cycle engines eligible with tech and board approval.

Weights and specs are subject to change at the discretion of the board. Spec tires will be 10×4.50-5 MG reds or LeCont reds.

For questions, contact 2-Cycle Representative Don Foley at (585) 944-7684.

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