Posted by GVKC on Jun 3, 2018

New York Karting Championship


Genesee Valley Kart Club is proud to be part of a three race series with Lafayette Motorsports Park and New York Race Complex.  We will be kicking off the series on June 17. Click on the links below to find out more on the other two tracks, entry/pit pass fees, and classes.  This series will include points and will include awards handed out at the last race, NYRC.  We will also be running the day like a normal race day with club points.  If you plan on racing this series, or have any questions, you can email us at  That way we have a head start on entries into the scoring system.  Please send your transponder number in with your entry.

Genesee Valley Kart Club chose Sportsman LO206 and Sr. LO206

Sportsman LO206 – Briggs LO206 with green slide, 7-12 yrs., 265lbs., 4.5 all around or 4.5 fronts with 6.0 rears on 5″ rims

                    Sr. LO206 – Briggs LO206 Stock, 15+, 375lbs., Bridgestone YLC or Vega Reds


Lafayette Motorsports chose Jr & Sr. Yamaha

Jr. Yamaha – KT-100, 12-15 yrs., 305lbs., 4.5 x 7.10 LeCont Red

Sr. Yamaha – KT-100 Pipe 360lbs., KT-100 4-hole 325 lbs., 4.5 x 7.10 LeCont White


New York Race Complex chose Tag Cadet and Sr. Tag

Tag Cadet – 60cc Mini Rok 245lbs./60cc Mini Swift 250lbs./Micro Max 250lbs., 7-12 yrs., 4.5 x 4.5 LeCont Red

Sr. Tag – X30 365lbs., X125 365lbs., Leopard 357lbs. Rotax Evo 375lbs., 15+, 4.5 x 7.10 LeCont White  – Entry Fees and Classes.  What class you run depends on what track rules you follow. NY Race Complex  –  Lafayette Motorsports 

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