Posted by Terry on May 11, 2013

News: Bits and Bytes

After a successful first weekend, I hope everyone is pumped up for the 2013 race season. It was great to see so many new faces this year. I thought I would take some time to update everyone on some of the features of our club website you may not know about.

With the likelihood of rain this weekend, let me introduce the RainedOut widget found in the left sidebar. RainedOut is a text/email notification service we will use when weather conditions force us to cancel racing. We have used this in the past, but please bear in mind that if the weather is marginal GVKC may not cancel racing until 12pm-1pm. I know this doesnt help those with a long commute, but we will try to notify you as early as possible. When we send a message, you will receive a text message on your phone and/or email. The widget on the website sidebar will also display the message. On March 31st we sent a test message out. If you received the message, you are all set. If not, and you would like to sign up, click the RainedOut logo or the link below:

Join Genesee Valley Kart Club text alerts on RainedOut

Points have been updated for road course and oval guys will be up this weekend. Sorry, the initial table building is very time consuming. We learned a lot last year, and have a better method for getting points up on the web this season. Please double check your points and if we have made a mistake email me. For 2013, GVKC will allow 5 drops for the summer season and 9 races to qualify for a trophy. We will allow 2 drops for the fall season. Did you know the tables are sortable? This makes it easy to see placement for a certain raceday, or who is leading in totals. No, I’m not forcasting next weeks outcome…wishful thinking maybe…hehe


calendar buttonOur visual calendar has a neat feature for you smartphone users. For those with Android phones, you can click on the “add to google” button and integrate our calendar with those in your google account. Dont worry, it wont overwrite appointments you already saved in your phone, it just adds to your calendar. Best part is if something changes on our calendar its automatically updated to your phone. Also, if you use outlook you can click the subscribe button to add the info to your pc calendar.

IPhone users: there is a way to add this calendar, but not as easy as on android and there is help online.

Our website has a forum complete with classifieds. This is a place our members can go to chat, vent, or let others know about equipment your selling. Our little forum is picking up momentum and there are some great conversations I would encourage you to view and comment on. All we ask you keep the language church-appropriate. You must be a registered user in order to post. New this year is the ability to use avatars and upload pictures into your posts. There is one bug-if you upload a pic into a post, the forum only allows you to do this the first time. So you can go back and edit your text after you submit the post, but the buttons are missing that allow you to upload pictures. I know the forums are a little clunky, but if it continues to grow I will change it into a free standing, more user friendly forum layout. In the meantime, if you see something you would like improved or a category added let me know.

Speaking of comments, did you know you can comment on any post you see on the main webpage? Our website is Blog-style, and designed to be user interactive. Clicking on any post heading will take you to a full-page view of the article where you can leave your comments at the bottom of the page.  If you want to get creative you can use HTML tags. If the term HTML tags scares you, stick to leaving your thoughts and simply clicking submit.


mohawks and pigtails

Just when you thought racing couldn’t get any cuter….Check out the pigtails and mowhawk of Brooke Vetter (#3) and Brynn Vetter (#8)!

Last but not least, pictures and video. Unfortunately, I get busy with my own little racer when I’m at the track and don’t always get the opportunity to snap pics of the drivers for the website. I do see many cameras at the track now though… If you have pics you would like to share please send them to me, along with a caption. I’m looking for current pics I can put with a little write up following our racedays. Got a Gopro, or some other helmet cam? If you have video on YouTube and would like to give everyone a look through your eyes, send me a link and i will add it on the website. I am already getting several pics in from members and think I might build a gallery.

Thank you, and see you on race day!


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