2015 season preparations

To all GVKC members,

Preparations continue for the 2015 season which may seem a long ways away when you’re shoveling snow, but it won’t be long before we’re filling gas tanks and setting tire pressures. We’re hoping to complete our schedule by the middle of this month and will be publishing that as soon as possible. Work continues in several other areas with updates to be shared throughout the off season.

I’d like to ask for help filling the remaining vacant board position of Head Flagger. We have a commitment for Race Director, but feel it is still very important to fill the flagging position to insure our Race Director can focus totally on their responsibilities. Please take a few minutes to think about whether you’d like to volunteer or you have someone in mind to nominate. Feel free to contact anyone on the board (http://gvkc.org/contacts/) if you’re interested.

We appreciate your patience as we sort through what needs to be done, but please drop us a note if you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions toward making 2015 a great season.

Thank you,

Share your thoughts for 2015


To all fellow GVKC members,

Happy New Year! As you look forward to 2015, I wanted to let everyone know that preparations are underway for the coming season. This year, several new faces have joined the board to work alongside other members who have a wealth of experience. Together, we hope to make 2015 a great year for GVKC.

To guide our efforts in the coming season, we are asking for your help to define our club’s core purpose, core values and goals. As a board, our job is to guide the club in becoming what all our members want it to be. But to be successful, we need to know what’s most important to you.

As a first step, the board has put together a draft version of a mission statement and key goals for 2015. We’re asking you to take a few minutes to review our work, and share a comment on whether we’ve captured what’s most important to you and your family. Think of this as your chance to voice your opinion, and to let us know what you want to get out of your racing experience. Through your feedback, comments and suggestions, we hope to craft a final document that becomes a reflection of the entire club — not just its board, or any single member.

Read GVKC’s 2015 Draft Mission Statement.

To submit your feedback, you can either click on the “Share a comment” link at the end of the document or use the link below. Your comments can be shared anonymously if you wish.

Share your comments.

We have much to accomplish over the winter — stay tuned for our December meeting minutes, as we continue to work on our proposed goal of improving communications. In the meantime, please enjoy a safe and happy holiday with your loved ones!


Thank you,


Hi Everyone,

By now everyone should have received their invitation for the Banquet. This is a friendly reminder that I need to provide the River’s Edge party House with a head count by 11/11/14. So anyone who has not sent their RSVP yet there is still time.

Please send your checks to me @ 80 Beau Lane Rochester, NY 14624. Please make your checks payable to GVKC. In your invitations there was an envelope provided with my address already attached. With your RSVP could you also please include your choices for the Special awards and the Dick Castor awards. There was 2 separate envelopes included for these as well.

The Banquet will begin with a social hour starting @ 5:00 pm. Anyone wishing to help decorate the Banquet Hall, please meet me there around 3:30 pm. Your help is much appreciated. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me @ 329-6178

See You On Saturday 11/15/14


Jeff Stark

This is it…

The final race weekend of 2014 is upon us. I just wanted to send a friendly reminder to all of those coming tomorrow that we will also be closing the track for the season promptly following racing. We hope you will be able to stay and help out, the more people involved, the quicker it will go!

Road Course Drivers…want to know where you stand? Check out your Fall Series points here…

Track Update 10-17-14

Alex Salsbury taking the checkered flag.

Alex Salsbury taking the checkered flag in Sundays money race.

It was a cool day for racing last Sunday, and the weather cooperated. Our Greg Morse Memorial money went on with 8 racers battling it out. Congratulations to Alex Salsbury for his win, with Greg Gleisner on his bumper(above photo). Thank you to all who participated. Here are the results:

1st Alex Salsbury
2nd Greg Gleisner
3rd Andrew Salsbury
4th Mike Horton Jr.
5th Tom Gerstner
6th Jeff Colegrove
7th Mike Horton Sr.
8th Jeff Cline

Nominations 2015The season is winding down and there are only a couple race weekends left. That means its election time at GVKC… This year, we only had three nomination forms turned in from the membership and there happens to be no opposition in any of the positions. That means we are going to skip right pass the voting and congratulate the following for helping move our club into the next race season.

Your 2015 Board Members:

President: Tim Shelhart
Vice President: Vacant
Co-Secretaries: Darla Frederick, Mrs. Coon
Treasurer: Al Gutberlet
Race Director: Bill Glitch
Flagger: Vacant
Safety Director: Steve Coon
Points/Online: Terry Pogue
Groundskeeper: Trevor Frederick
2 Cycle Rep: Kevin Orlop
4 Cycle Rep: Rich Gamrod
Vintage Liaison: Scott Kneisel
Oval Reps: John Kowalski, Dave Farnan

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