Final Race Weekend of our Summer Series

summer series
As we head into the last weekend of the summer series, I wanted to share some recent changes that have to do with our points system. In my last web posting, I mentioned that our board members decided to change the number of “best races” considered for final season points. This was done taking into consideration the two rain dates this season, and our thought was to make it easier and fair for everyone. Unfortunately, we did not realize that it would effect those that already planned vacation days around our schedule and does change outcomes for some drivers. Because of this, please disregard my previous post. We will return to the “Best of 12 races” format for your season standings.


Because of the rain dates and late start to the race season, we have changed the number of required races for a trophy. All drivers that have completed at least 8 races for the summer season will receive a trophy.

Please note…

All points should be up to date, with exception to the oval crew. I have not been at the track every weekend and there are some that I do not have info for. Everyone should check their points and if something does not look right, email me. Oval guys, if you want your points online, you should email or have your representative call me.

Club News Update

newsOur summer race season is quickly coming to a close. Its hard to believe we only have two more race weekends to complete the summer series. Unfortunately due to the paving project earlier in the spring, we have filled every possible weekend with racing we could. Because of this, we will not be making up the two weekends that were rain outs. Instead, we will be adjusting the points and only considering a drivers 10 best finishes for the season (currently best of 12).

I am aware that the points are not up to date on the website. We are having trouble with the database and the way the numbers displaying the tables. I have just been very busy the last few weeks and unable to work it. We still have all the points accounted for and I will try to have this fixed soon.

Future Reverse Dates

Our next reverse race is scheduled for 9/7. This means that Saturday practice on 9/6 will be conducted in reverse only. Because of mixed emotions concerning races in reverse, the last scheduled reverse race on October 12th has been changed and will run in our normal direction.

Greg Morse Memorial Money Race Rescheduled

This money race was completed on August 8th for those that run Yamaha, but we didnt have a large enough turnout of Tag racers. We have tentatively rescheduled this event for TAGs only on October 12th. Check back for more information soon. Our next money race, The Alan Decker Memorial Money Race, will take place on September 21st. More info on this event will be posted in the next few days.

2015 Board of Director Elections

Nominations 2015

Here we go again…As you know, there have been many changes to our Board of Directors this season. Everyone has there opinion of how well each position is carried out over the course of the year. As a current board member, I can say that we try hard to make decisions in the interest of the membership and when possible let the membership decide how to continue to keep our club fun and grow every year. In passing, I have heard conversations about how things “should be” or “could be better if..”. So its opportunity time for those who would like to be an active part of the board and make things better for 2015.Nominate someone who may be a good candidate for our board, or, nominate yourself. Nomination forms will be available at the track or you may download them here. You can email your form, drop it off at the track, or even just email us a quick line nominating someone you know. Emails may be sent to any of our current board of directors.

Nominations must be completed by 9/21.

Labor Day Weekend Schedule

Hi Everyone,

At our Board meeting last evening it was decided to leave the schedule as it is printed due to the late notification of an attempt to make up the rain dates. Saturday 8/30/14 oval racing/open practice will take place and the track will be CLOSED on Sunday 8/31/14.

On Saturday 9/6/14 oval racing/open practice with practice running in reverse and Sunday 9/7/14 sprint racing running in reverse as well as our 3rd WKA Divisional. For those participating in the WKA Divisional Western NY Sprint Series our 4th and final race will be a rain out make up which is scheduled for Sunday 9/14/14.


Jeff Stark


Hi Everyone,

In recent weeks I have been extremely busy in my both racing life and my non racing life, and feel a need to bring the membership up to speed with some important information

Most importantly, we will be having a board meeting after racing on Sunday August 24, 2014. The agenda will include the following items for discussion.

1) Updating and corrections of our online scoring. I will do my best to work with Terry and get this updated/corrected.

2) Scheduling and coordinating of our year end banquet.

3) Preparing for election of 2015 Board members.

4) Rescheduling of the Greg Morse Memorial Race.

5) Facebook page and some help with this from Mrs. Coon.

6) Making up of the two current rain out days.

7) Promotional ideas for this fall.

8) Track/Building maintenance.

These are the current items on the agenda and I am sure that there will be more added. If there is anything that the membership wishes to have us discuss,  please feel free to contact me.


Jeff Stark




Due to the recent rain at GVKC, racing will be cancelled today. The grid and portions of the track are under water. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this week and we will see you all next Sunday!


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