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The final race weekend of 2014 is upon us. I just wanted to send a friendly reminder to all of those coming tomorrow that we will also be closing the track for the season promptly following racing. We hope you will be able to stay and help out, the more people involved, the quicker it will go!

Road Course Drivers…want to know where you stand? Check out your Fall Series points here…

Track Update 10-17-14

Alex Salsbury taking the checkered flag.

Alex Salsbury taking the checkered flag in Sundays money race.

It was a cool day for racing last Sunday, and the weather cooperated. Our Greg Morse Memorial money went on with 8 racers battling it out. Congratulations to Alex Salsbury for his win, with Greg Gleisner on his bumper(above photo). Thank you to all who participated. Here are the results:

1st Alex Salsbury
2nd Greg Gleisner
3rd Andrew Salsbury
4th Mike Horton Jr.
5th Tom Gerstner
6th Jeff Colegrove
7th Mike Horton Sr.
8th Jeff Cline

Nominations 2015The season is winding down and there are only a couple race weekends left. That means its election time at GVKC… This year, we only had three nomination forms turned in from the membership and there happens to be no opposition in any of the positions. That means we are going to skip right pass the voting and congratulate the following for helping move our club into the next race season.

Your 2015 Board Members:

President: Tim Shelhart
Vice President: Vacant
Co-Secretaries: Darla Frederick, Mrs. Coon
Treasurer: Al Gutberlet
Race Director: Bill Glitch
Flagger: Vacant
Safety Director: Steve Coon
Points/Online: Terry Pogue
Groundskeeper: Trevor Frederick
2 Cycle Rep: Kevin Orlop
4 Cycle Rep: Rich Gamrod
Vintage Liaison: Scott Kneisel
Oval Reps: John Kowalski, Dave Farnan


Hi Everyone,

This Sunday, October 12, we will host the Greg Morse Memorial Money Race for TAG karts. The more entries the more the payout to participants so come on out to honor Greg as well as have some FUN.

Election Ballots and Banquet invitations should be in the mail early next week. The Banquet invitations will include a special awards card as well as the prestigious Dick Castor ballot for a Jr. and Sr. driver. Please fill them out and return them with your invitation response. Make sure that the Dick Castor card is in the separate envelope provided with the invitation. Please note that the 2013 winners of this award are Trevor Vargo and Michael Fauci and are ineligible to receive the award this year.

The last notable item is that we will closing and winterizing the track on Sunday October 27 after racing has concluded. We will need any and all help to complete this task. Thank You in advance for your help!!!


Jeff Stark


Hi Everyone,

Our year end Banquet will held on November 15 at the River’s Edge Party House. This is the same place as last year. I will post more information on this as it becomes available.

The second date is for the current Board members. We will have a Board meeting this Sunday, October 5th, after racing has concluded. The meeting will be in the tower and should begin around 3:00pm depending how the race day goes. I have a few very important items on the agenda and it would be extremely important for all Board members to attend. Please let me know if you can or cannot attend.


Jeff Stark

Alan Decker Memorial Money Race – This Sunday!


Last year we lost a dedicated member of our club. For those who did not know Alan Decker, he could be found just about every Sunday at the track. He started racing at the age of 5, and was a member of the Genesee Valley Kart Club for over 30 years. He raced at tracks all over the region, and in more recent years was focused on developing the driving skills of his sons, Leo and Justin. On non-race days, he spent much of his spare time at our track too, mowing, doing club maintenance, or just lending a hand. Alan also held the position of 2-Cycle Representative on our Board of Directors. I have to say its somewhat eerie writing this post, as last year it was Alan who would contact me about other club events and what information I should post on our website.

***Please show your support this weekend and wear some red and white.***

This Sunday, September 21st, The Genesee Valley Kart Club will be hosting two separate money races. We will run a combined class of Yamaha Pipe and Senior Yamaha Can, and one class of Tag karts.

We will be running in regular club format. Racers will draw for starting position of the first heat, the second heat will be run in inverted race order. First and Second heats will be 10 laps. Points from the first 2 heats will designate starting position for the feature, which will be a 14 lap heat. In the event of a tie in the first two heats, order will be decided by the original draw number. Winner of the feature event wins the race.

  • Entry fee is $50
  • 60% of the pot to be paid out in prize money.
  • WKA manufacturers cup weights/engine specs.
  • WKA tires and club tires allowed – 5″ Dunlop SL4, Bridgestone YLC, Vega Blue, MG “Fz” or “Yz”, Decuzzi, Hoosier R50” or  60”, Bridgestone YLB TAG ONLY…See page 9 of the GVKC rulebook here.
  • No tire prep.
  • Race fuel must be 110 octane,  racers to provide their own.
  • 2 cycle oil must be supplied by race team and must meet WKA specs and must pass fuel testing.

Any questions should be directed to Don Foley.

On the grid


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