Hi everyone,

In recent days various board members have visited the track to observe progress and communicate with our contractor. The report that we received last night at our board meeting from the most recent visit, which was yesterday, was that due to rain earlier this week coupled with cool night time and day time temperatures the progress has slowed. The prep work as I mentioned in an earlier post is complete, however, we need sunshine and warmer temperatures to apply blacktop materials.

Therefore, we are postponing our rookie/open practice weekend and our opening weekend as well. The new dates are to be determined based on mother nature and her weather forecast. I will keep all of you up to date and informed as soon as possible.

The board has also discussed several options in which to make up any and all lost races. We currently have not determined which will be the best option for the club and it’s members but we will act as always in the best interest of both and let all of you know through an email and posting on our website.

Going into this major facelift of our racing surface, all of us have known and said that early spring paving progress will largely be dependent on mother nature and her weather forecast and that some racing schedule adjustments may have to be done. On a much brighter side of this is the fact that in the end I am confident that all of you will have to agree that the wait is well worth the results.

We still have some maintenance projects to complete and are going to continue to chip away at them every Saturday and possibly a Sunday or two in the next few weeks. I would like some feedback on the thought of Sundays to come out and help. Is that a better day for some of you? Painting of the fences is really the only significant maintenance issue right now. Please let me know your thoughts so we can plan to accommodate the majority of the membership.

Thanks for your patience and I will keep all of you up to date. Please stay tuned.



Jeff Stark


Rookie School 2014

Rookie school 2013... lets hope the weather cooperates this year!

Rookie school 2013… lets hope the weather cooperates this year!

It wont be long until racing begins….Can you feel it?

The Genesee Valley Kart Club offers a rookie driving school at the Track for new drivers of all ages. A parent or a guardian must accompany minor driversRookie Driving School is being offered to 2014 GVKC Members only. If you have not registered already, forms will be available that day. 2014 Membership is $100.

Rookie School has been scheduled for Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 9:00am. In the event of rain, the classroom portion of the training will be held as scheduled, but track time will be rescheduled. Dress warmly as it can still be cold when we are out all day.

Topics will include:

  1. Registration, Practice & Race Day Schedules – Sarah Stevens
  2. Driver Equipment – Shawn Callahan
  3. Kart Maintenance/Repair & Chassis Set Up – Jeff Stark/Rich Gamrod
  4. Flagging – Shawn Callahan
  5. Track/Pit Safety – Tim Shelhart
  6. Emergency/First Aid – Linda DiJames
  7. Driver Etiquette/Sportsmanship – Jeff Stark/Shawn Callahan

What to bring:    

  • Notebook & pen;
  • High top sneakers, boots, or racing boots;
  • Race-ready kart & motor;
  • Leather jacket & jeans OR driver’s suit;
  • Full finger gloves;
  • Snell 2005 (or more recent) helmet;
  • Neck brace;
  • Fuel, oil, & chain oil;
  • Air tank & air gauge;
  • 2-cycle or 4-cycle starter;
  • Catch can for dumping 4-cycle oil:
  • Basic tools – ratchet, sockets (7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8), spark plug, pliers, screw drivers, allen wrenches, hammer, combination wrenches.


Good Evening,

I returned home about 2 hours ago from the track after fixing a few things and walking the track. The paving contractor has done a remarkable job in just 2 days. The milling areas are complete, some sod has been removed and compacted crushed stone is in its place. It looks to me that he is very close to being ready for some binder. It also appears that the work is being done neatly and with quality in the compaction  areas where there is crushed stone. Just to let all of you know, this contractor is the only one of the three that we interviewed that will guarantee his workmanship and materials for THREE years. I will continue to keep you posted on progress of our paving project.




Hi Everyone,

We have made great strides in the track maintenance/repair list but there is still plenty to do before opening day. We would welcome any and all who can assist us this Saturday April 19, 2014. We will start about 9:00 am and work until about 4:00pm. There is some fence repairs and painting that needs to be completed as well as a test of our PA system. There is a small roofing project on top of the booth that Alan Decker gave us last year which is planned to be the new scoring tower for the oval and also will used when we run our sprint course in reverse. Please come out and help us prepare for our opening day, your help is much needed and appreciated.

Another VERY important update is that our paving project is underway and should start April 18, 2014. Mobilization of equipment and preparation work should start no later than Friday. We are still hoping to keep our schedule as printed barring any weather problems. I will keep all of you updated with any changes as soon as possible.



Jeff Stark

Work Day Progress

Hi Everyone,

I first want to thank everyone who braved the weather and came out to help get our track ready for the 2014 season.  A lot was accomplished but we do have more that needs to be done.  Our second work day will be this Saturday April 12, 2014.  We will again start about 9:00 am and do as much as we can until about 4:00 pm.  This Saturday we will try to do some painting ( weather permitting) as well as fence repairs.  These will be our main focal points as most of the other task have been completed.  We held off with turning the water on for fear that we are still not out of the freezing temperatures.  So again weather permitting we would need to complete that task which will allow for opening/cleaning the concession stand as well as the ladies and men’s room.

A final note is in regards to membership for 2014.  I will still be accepting applications/fees at the track on Saturday for those who can come out to help.  For those who can not make our track work day please complete the forms and send them along with your fees to Sarah.  She has given you her mailing address in which to send them.


Jeff Stark

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