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Hi everyone,

In recent days various board members have visited the track to observe progress and communicate with our contractor. The report that we received last night at our board meeting from the most recent visit, which was yesterday, was that due to rain earlier this week coupled with cool night time and day time temperatures the progress has slowed. The prep work as I mentioned in an earlier post is complete, however, we need sunshine and warmer temperatures to apply blacktop materials.

Therefore, we are postponing our rookie/open practice weekend and our opening weekend as well. The new dates are to be determined based on mother nature and her weather forecast. I will keep all of you up to date and informed as soon as possible.

The board has also discussed several options in which to make up any and all lost races. We currently have not determined which will be the best option for the club and it’s members but we will act as always in the best interest of both and let all of you know through an email and posting on our website.

Going into this major facelift of our racing surface, all of us have known and said that early spring paving progress will largely be dependent on mother nature and her weather forecast and that some racing schedule adjustments may have to be done. On a much brighter side of this is the fact that in the end I am confident that all of you will have to agree that the wait is well worth the results.

We still have some maintenance projects to complete and are going to continue to chip away at them every Saturday and possibly a Sunday or two in the next few weeks. I would like some feedback on the thought of Sundays to come out and help. Is that a better day for some of you? Painting of the fences is really the only significant maintenance issue right now. Please let me know your thoughts so we can plan to accommodate the majority of the membership.

Thanks for your patience and I will keep all of you up to date. Please stay tuned.



Jeff Stark


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