Posted by jeffstark on Apr 30, 2014


Hi Everyone,

As promised I am letting everyone in on the latest information about our paving project. Even though there is not a lot that has changed, we have been in close communication almost daily with our contractor and he is as frustrated as we are with Mother Nature. However he has told us that he will need 2 good weather days back to back to hopefully finish the paving between the Monza and the hairpin turns. That will put us in pretty good shape with only some smaller clean up and topsoil items that he will to do per contract after the paving is done as mentioned above.

We have lost most of last week and all of this week due to rain which no one can control. All I can ask the membership for is to continue to be patient and have faith that this will get done and in the end I am confident that all will enjoy the improvements to the track.

As for work on Saturdays, almost all of which remains to be done is outside and of course is weather dependent. I will continue to keep everyone up to date with any note worthy information as soon as possible. Stay Tuned!

Thanks for your patience,

Jeff Stark

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