Posted by Terry on Mar 30, 2013

President’s Corner

To recap our membership meeting a couple weeks ago, we had a good turnout and some very good discussions mainly with regard to our current rain policy. I want to let everyone know that I have my own personal feelings but I also have to listen to our membership and act with what is in the BEST interest of our club. I also think that there were some very good points that were brought up, but ultimately we will let the membership vote on this issue and the majority will prevail. The ballot is being prepared for review by the board @ the April 4th meeting and will soon there after be sent out to the membership for their vote.

For those interested in voicing their opinions I have opened a discussion group here to talk about this issue. Our board members will be watching the discussion and your arguments may influence other members to your position. Just please remember that this is a family oriented club and website when posting. Thank you     -Terry

MotoOptionWe would like announce the partnership of GVKC and MotoOption for 2013 season. The MotoOption Company has offered to help promote our club through their own website as well as donate “T” shirts and 2 signs to be installed at our track. These “T” shirts and signs will have the GVKC logo on them as well as as a MotoOption logo. I encourage everyone to go to their website and take a look at what they are all about and what they are doing for us on that site.

I want to again extend a job well done by ALL that helped at the recent Rochester Auto Show booth held @ the Convention Center. As a result of our people who worked at the show, we have made some contacts that have evolved into a few invitations for future shows later this year. We will keep you posted as these develop and hope that we again can make a good showing at these events to promote our club.

One last item that will be discussed at our next board meeting will be the updating of our 2013 rule book. If there is any input from the membership with regards to this please send me an email with your thoughts.

Please take a look at our schedule for April. We will need help to open the track as well as take care of some maintenance issues and repairs.

Jeff Stark

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