Posted by jeffstark on May 12, 2014


Good Evening Everyone,

I have just got home after the board meeting tonight and I want to share the latest information with all of you.  We have set the schedule for the 2014 season. It is as follows:

1)   May 14, 2014 Wednesday night 4:30 until?  We need every available person to help reinstall the concrete rumble strips as well move some dirt to fill in some of the edges around the track. We will also distribute the blue safety pillows. If you have a wheel barrow and a shovel, please bring them with you.

2)  May 17, 2014  Saturday morning  9:00 am until? Continue where we left off from Wednesday night work night.

3)  May 18, 2014  Sunday morning  9:00 am Rookie class will be held. All who have never raced must attend. All minor racers must have parent or legal guardian with them. Anyone who would like to use this opportunity as a refresher class are welcome to attend.

4)  May 24, 2014  Saturday morning 9:00 am  Open practice for oval and road course racers. This will be structured by class and will be an all day practice until about 4:30 pm.

5)  May 25, 2014  Sunday morning track will open @ 8:00 am with a combined oval/road course race day. The normal race day sequence will be followed.  For those who will participate in the WKA divisional, this will also take place.

As for making up of the two weeks that we have lost, the board will review this at our next meeting and I will let everyone know as soon as it is available.

We really need all that can help us put the final touches on the track so please come out on Wednesday night and Saturday and give us a hand.


Jeff Stark

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