Posted by Terry on May 23, 2012

Road course is heating up – Week 3

WKA Animal Blue Class


The red flag is thrown in the second heat of Sealed JR Animal Gold class for a restart.

Don Foley leading the way in Yamaha Pipe today.

Things heated up this last Sunday at GVKC with temperatures up around 85 degrees. It was great to see a few more Karts this weekend, we got to see the Yamaha Pipe guys for the first time this season. Something else we got to see a couple times was the red flag. The first was in JR Animal Gold when the #95 kart of Tony Scime got tangled up, and then again in the second heat of WKA Animal Blue with a restart. In the Predator class, there was nice tight action between the #86 of Bill Arlow and #13 of Brian Bunce. It was almost choreographic watching the two switch positions back and forth throughout the day. Speaking of positions, there are already consistencies with Nick Fauci, Zach Turner, Justin Decker, and MiKayla Meyer all dominating their classes the last three weeks. Will they hold out?

Got Points? You may have noticed already in the website menu, but for those who missed it, I have started putting the points online. If you don’t see your class, don’t worry…I will have them all online soon. You can get there by selecting “points” on the main menu title bar, or by clicking here.

Just a reminder that there is no racing this Memorial Day weekend. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and we will see you in June!

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