Posted by jeffstark on Jan 14, 2014

Rochester Auto Show

Hi Everyone,

It has been along time since any new posting has been done but don’t worry, your 2014 Board members have been meeting regularly and are working very hard to accomplish many important tasks. It is still a little early but as soon as I have some solid information I will bring all of you up to date. The one thing that is currently being planned is the GVKC promotional booth at the Greater Rochester Auto Show. We did this for the first time last year and it was very beneficial for our club. This year’s event is February 27 through March 1, 2014 at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

We will be allowed to show 3 karts at the show. It is very important that we show a variety of karts and with only being able to bring 3 , we want to have 1) KID Kart, 1)4 Cycle Kart and 1) 2 Cycle Kart. It would really be nice for the 2 Cycle Kart to be a TAG. It is also extremely important for these karts to be in pristine condition, as they are a show piece.

The most important part of this show is we to have more volunteers to share manning the booth than we did last year. With only a few dedicated people it made for some VERY LONG days for 2 or 3 that did multiple shifts. As members of this club it is important that we all share in the volunteering of such great opportunities like this show. The exposure that we get from this is HUGE.

Please step up and volunteer to take a shift or two and help promote our club. You can contact either myself or Shawn Callahan for more information. We are in the process of updating our new board contact info on our website. Shawn’s is not currently listed. I would recommend that you contact me @ 585-329-6178 and I will either help you or I can give you his contact info.

Thanks and I will keep all of you informed,

Jeff Stark

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