Posted by Terry on Apr 23, 2012

Rookie school a cold success.

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A chilly day for rookie school.

The turn out at GVKC was not too bad considering the harsh cold weather we had. We had several new kid karts, road course karts and oval karts on hand to see what GVKC karting is all about. The new racers were able to learn about the safety of karting and the meaning of each race flag from Mike Fauci and Rich Gamrod. Afterwards, everyone took walk around the track to learn the race lines and discuss how to manage each individual turn with their karts. The new club President Doug Anne and most of the GVKC Board of directors were present to answer any questions and there were plenty of volunteer’s helping out as well. Thank you to everyone who volunteered!

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Thanks to Bob Secules for this info and pictures!

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