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Rookie School 2014

Rookie school 2013... lets hope the weather cooperates this year!

Rookie school 2013… lets hope the weather cooperates this year!

It wont be long until racing begins….Can you feel it?

The Genesee Valley Kart Club offers a rookie driving school at the Track for new drivers of all ages. A parent or a guardian must accompany minor driversRookie Driving School is being offered to 2014 GVKC Members only. If you have not registered already, forms will be available that day. 2014 Membership is $100.

Rookie School has been scheduled for Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 9:00am. In the event of rain, the classroom portion of the training will be held as scheduled, but track time will be rescheduled. Dress warmly as it can still be cold when we are out all day.

Topics will include:

  1. Registration, Practice & Race Day Schedules – Sarah Stevens
  2. Driver Equipment – Shawn Callahan
  3. Kart Maintenance/Repair & Chassis Set Up – Jeff Stark/Rich Gamrod
  4. Flagging – Shawn Callahan
  5. Track/Pit Safety – Tim Shelhart
  6. Emergency/First Aid – Linda DiJames
  7. Driver Etiquette/Sportsmanship – Jeff Stark/Shawn Callahan

What to bring:    

  • Notebook & pen;
  • High top sneakers, boots, or racing boots;
  • Race-ready kart & motor;
  • Leather jacket & jeans OR driver’s suit;
  • Full finger gloves;
  • Snell 2005 (or more recent) helmet;
  • Neck brace;
  • Fuel, oil, & chain oil;
  • Air tank & air gauge;
  • 2-cycle or 4-cycle starter;
  • Catch can for dumping 4-cycle oil:
  • Basic tools – ratchet, sockets (7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8), spark plug, pliers, screw drivers, allen wrenches, hammer, combination wrenches.

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