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Good Morning Everyone,

I thought we had a fairly good opening day but as always there is  room for improvement. I think that all the racers had a good time and for the most part all was good.

The main reason for this post is to discuss running the track in reverse. As many of you may know, part of the reason for the track paving improvements was to “Dice It Up” for the racers who typically by mid season become a little board with same ole thing. In my walking around the pits yesterday I listened to some of our membership raising concerns about doing this. I think that some of the comments were very good constructive criticism and one suggestion that really peaked my interest went like this. In the best interest of safety and primarily the rookie class it was suggested to not run in reverse next week because they are still getting acclimated and adjusted to karting in general and it might be too much too soon to throw a curve ball into the mix. This person does like the idea of running in reverse but not until the next scheduled time, 4 weeks from now.

I have given this a considerable amount batting back and forth in my head and am making the change. We will NOT run in reverse this next weekend 5/31  – 6/1  2014. This will allow some time for the membership to become engaged for input, ideas, suggestions, and express concerns both for and against running in reverse. I encourage everyone to speak up and let your voice be heard after all it is your club and your children who are out there racing.  I also wanted to get this post out as soon as possible so that any of you that may not be big fans of this can still come out and race next weekend.

In conclusion of this post, we will run the track in the normal direction next weekend and will continue that format until June 29, 2014.  On each of the scheduled reverse Sundays, the practice Saturday before will also be in reverse.

I welcome all comments,

Jeff Stark

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