Posted by jeffstark on Aug 31, 2013

Saturday September 7, 2013

I received a call from our window contractor Bob Farnan, yesterday and he will be receiving all of our new windows for the tower on Friday September 6. It is his plan to install the two front windows first because they will be the most difficult to install as well as time consuming. He is also planning to install these two on Saturday September 7,2013. Therefore, the likelihood that he will be complete by the afternoon for open practice will NOT happen.

We originally were planning to have  Microd racing on that Saturday and they cancelled out so I hope this won’t be an inconvenience to any of our members to NOT have any open practice for that Saturday. I think the oval racing can still happen in the morning and those people will have to access the oval by maybe either turning left immediately at the grid gate. Then actually going backward through the hairpin and over to the oval or going the wrong way on the exit ramp to get to the oval. Either way I don’t think that this should be a problem for them.

If anyone has any issue with this I strongly urge you to contact me so that we can discuss it.

I would like to remind everyone the we would like to receive your nomination ballot for the 2014 board of directors ASAP. Please scan them and email them to either Andrea or Terry. You may also mail the to Andrea but Please do so ASAP. It is your club!!!!



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