Posted by Terry on May 7, 2013

Season Kickoff 2013

Evan Bovee #4 leads this bumper to bumper fight with Cole Hicks #24 and Joshua Stark #39 in the final heat of Jr Sportsman WKA Pro Gas.

It was a beautiful day for racing this past Sunday. The sun was out, the temperature was nice, and heck, we even had an occasional cool breeze blow through. The pits were full of competitors, all looking for the glory of the checkered flag. The Sealed Animal Gold class had a huge turnout, and it was really great to see the track that full of karts during a single class race.

Through a series of events I wound up making my debut as “Head Flagger” in Mike’s absence. I have a new appreciation for the job he does on a weekly basis. I also have the sunburn to show for my efforts. Typical of the friendly atmosphere at the Avon track, folks jumped in to help pit my son RJ while I was flagging. Thank you for giving me that peace of mind.

I would like encourage everyone to jump in and offer to help out at the track. Even picking up a piece of trash you see laying on the ground will help the folks that stay after and put the track up for the next weekend. If you have time, approach an officer and ask what you can do to help. Your effort will be greatly appreciated. If you are unsure who to talk to please feel free to find a member of our team. My wife Sarah is in the registration booth. We race TAG #14 and #141 and Gold plate #41. We can help you find someone to talk to.

Over all it appeared that everyone had a good time on Sunday. Things ran smoothly, especially when you considering that this was the first race of the season. It can only get better from here.
See you all at the track,

Rusty – FroggyBottomRacing


Thank you Rusty for the great writeup. For those of you who do not visit the forums, I would encourage you to check them out. There has been much activity over the last few weeks, in which Rusty is a frequent poster/visitor.  Also…I see a lot of cameras out there. If you have a great shot you would like to share or see posted, please email them to me and I will try to get them up on the website. Please include a caption for the photo. For those looking for your points to be posted, bear with me this week. I need a little extra time to plug in all the member names. Look for those in the next couple days. Thanks.



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