Posted by Rusty on Jul 9, 2013

Some thoughts on being a better racer

I received an E-Mail from the driving school that RJ and I attended. Attending this school knocked seconds off of RJ’s times at GVKC, and I wanted to share.

1) The faster you “try” to go the slower your times can become.
2) Driving aggression is not a substitute for driving talent.
3) Consistency is the first thing you need to achieve before working on optimizing anything.
4) When you have a kart that doesn’t work for your “normal” driving style, you have to figure out what is fastest in that particular kart. This teaches you how to perform in suboptimal conditions which is an important part of real racing. Embrace it, don’t fight it.
5) Learn at least 2 or 3 ways to drive each section of the track and leverage this knowledge to create passing opportunities that do not slow you down.
6) Learn how to invite other drivers to pass you in sub optimal locations on the track. They will generally be unsuccessful and keep you in front of them.
7) Set your passes up between ¼ and ¾ of a track length away from where you plan to pass.
8) Know what track position your competitors are holding and where they will be in the near future.
9) Hitting your apex means, A: knowing where they are, and B: having the kart be within 6” of that point.
10) If your slower than someone else in a particular section of track, get behind them and figure out what they are doing that you are not. Go to school.
11) Ask other drivers that are faster than you for advice on specific areas, techniques, or challenges that you have.
12) Seat time is a necessary part of getting faster.
13) Learn to recognize patterns in your driving and build techniques to exploit or minimize as necessary.

Take what you can from this and apply it. If you can set up passes, and be consistent on the tight track we have, you can do it anywhere.

Good luck and see you this weekend.


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