Posted by Terry on May 17, 2013

Tag Money Race this Weekend

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The first of two Money races this season takes place this Sunday, May 19th!!!

Tag Senior – $50 entry fee ($30 toward purse)


  • WKA manufacturers cup weights/engine specs.
  • WKA tires and club tires allowed – 5″ Dunlop SL4, Bridgestone YLC, Vega Blue, MG “Fz” or “Yz”, Decuzzi, Hoosier R50” or  60”, Bridgestone YLB TAG ONLY…See page 9 of the GVKC rulebook here.
  • No tire prep.
  • Race fuel must be 110 octane,  and fuel will be available at track.
  • 2 cycle oil must be supplied by race team and must meet WKA specs and must pass fuel testing.

Any questions should be directed to Don Foley. Our next money race, the “Greg Morse Memorial Race” will take place on July 21st.

The more entries, the bigger the purse!


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