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Our summer race season is quickly coming to a close. Its hard to believe we only have two more race weekends to complete the summer series. Unfortunately due to the paving project earlier in the spring, we have filled every possible weekend with racing we could. Because of this, we will not be making up the two weekends that were rain outs. Instead, we will be adjusting the points and only considering a drivers 10 best finishes for the season (currently best of 12). I am aware that the points are not up to date on the website. We are having trouble with the database and the way the numbers displaying the tables. I have just been very busy the last few weeks and unable to work it. We still have all the points accounted for and I will try to have this fixed soon. Future Reverse Dates Our next reverse race is scheduled for 9/7. This means that Saturday practice on 9/6 will be conducted in reverse only. Because of mixed emotions concerning races in reverse, the last scheduled reverse race on October 12th has been changed and will run in our normal direction. Greg Morse Memorial Money Race Rescheduled This money race was completed on August 8th for those that run Yamaha, but we didnt have a large enough turnout of Tag racers. We have tentatively rescheduled this event for TAGs only on October 12th. Check back for more information soon. Our next money race, The Alan Decker Memorial Money Race, will take place on September 21st. More info on this event will be posted in the next few days. 2015 Board of Director Elections Here we go again…As you know, there have been many changes to our Board of Directors this season. Everyone has there opinion of how well each position is carried out over the...
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Hi everyone, I mentioned this at a driver’s meeting a few weeks ago and would like to also make the membership aware of the VOTING BOX at the track. I have made a ballot box and place it at the registration booth. We will continue to accept ballots this Saturday and Sunday until 11:00 am on Sunday at which point we will open them and announce the winners. If there is anyone who may have missed the mail in cut off date, you still have an opportunity to cast your vote at the track until this Sunday, October 13, 2013.  IT IS YOUR CLUB AND IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOUR VOICE BE HEARD, SO PLEASE VOTE. Thanks, Jeff...

In Addition To Yesterdays Voting Update

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Voting Ballots UPDATE

Hi everyone, I was very upset when I opened up my ballot yesterday. I know all of you were also not very happy. This was not done intentionally by anyone on the Board or by any member. All I and the Board can do at this point is to offer our sincere apology to ALL of you.  In an effort to keep with our original voting schedule I am telling all of you to remove your names from the ballot that you have , complete the ballot and either mail to Andrea or deposit them in the ballot box at the track. I will be also sending an email to all of the membership stating the same information as outlined above. If any of you feel you need to discuss this with me or any board member, please call any one of us and we will be happy to listen to what you have to say. All of our contact info is on the web site. Thank You For Your Understanding Concerning This Matter. Sincerely, Jeff...
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Its time to vote!

Keep an eye on your mailbox, you should have your ballots soon! As we close in on the voting process for our 2014 Board Members, please keep in mind all of the hard work and dedication that the 2013 board members who are seeking re-election have done this past year.  There are a lot of dedicated board members who have volunteered vast amounts of their time at the track as well as behind the scenes to make every race weekend a success for you. To name a few accomplishments and weekly tasks that many of you may not know about or may have forgotten are as follows: 1.  Maintaining and updating of our GVKC website is a large task that many of us enjoy viewing but have no idea of the volunteer work involved behind the scenes that is done by our online/points board member. 2.  Tasks that your president completes every week include keeping members up to date with information both at the track and on our website including promoting the club and encouraging new membership. (ex. initiated the setting up of a GVKC booth to display karts at the Rochester Auto Show at the Riverside Convention Center).  I also have implemented many projects to improve the facility and saw them through to completion. (ex. secure the track with installation of perimeter gates and soon to be installed security cameras, cleaned restrooms, coordinated and helped install new windows in the tower with the aid of 50/50 raffles and bottle returns, organized a crew from Boon and Sons to completely edge and clean our track and trim our facility.  I am currently in the process with our board and a paving contractor to make some track improvements for the 2014 season and as soon as this race season concludes work will commence after board approval. 3. Our owner/treasurer has donated the funds to pay...
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