May 12th/13th weekend wrap-up…Spotlight on oval

  An awesome field of 18 karts showed up at GVKC to set the stage on the 1/8 mile oval and once again the weather was perfect. Speaking of perfect? Max Wood, Spenser Schwartz and Austin Bradley all won their races in their respected divisions. They are all now 2 for 2  in the early season but racers behind them have made several challenges for the lead but to no avail. Its only a matter of time before we see a new winner at the famed winners wall. The racing from front to back produced some exciting racing from the drop of the green and the spectators on hand were entertained. This coming weekend is shaping up to be a good one again as the oval guys will have double duty. First they will run Saturday morning at GVKC and then again on Sunday afternoon as they  head to the Sodus Microd club for a exhibition race. The GVKC oval crew will show their skills on the beautiful 1/10 mile oval and so far, 11 karts are committed. We are hoping to show the Sodus club what we are all about and in turn they will tentatively be coming out to GVKC towards the end of the year to show us what they are all about. Thank you again to all of the members and volunteers’ who have helped out around the oval. We could not do it without you. Spread the word about the oval and see you this weekend. Good luck to everyone. Thank you to Bob Secules for the great article and pictures! If you would like to know more about the Sodus Microd Club, click here. Some of you may have noticed our website disappeared on and off this week. Our host had numerous problems, and I have moved the site to a new server....
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Oval Race Results May 5th, 2012

Once again, beautiful weather prevails for Oval racing at GVKC and another good kart turnout. There were 8 karts on hand In the heavy division, 4 karts in the lite division and 1 Jr III racer. The racing was action packed with lots side by side racing and plenty of lead changes. You know Its going to be a great season with that kind of racing this early in the season. More Karts are expected to race the GVKC 1/8 mile oval as the year progresses. Congrats to all of the winners and a big thanks to all of the volunteers that helped out:)   Light-Clone Class 1st          Spenser Schwartz #23 2nd          Bob Secules # 2 3rd          Steven Cali #88 4th         Heidi Farnan # 1   Heavy-Clone Class 1st           Max Wood A# 10 2nd          Bob Secules #7 3rd          Dave Farnan # 54 4th          John Kowalski #11 5th          Rick Briggs # 71 6th          John Sippel # 91 7th          Gary Cali # 111 8th          Gary Gustafson #9   Junior Clone 1st          Austin Bradley #...
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