Hi everyone, You all should receive your ballots very soon. I ENCOURAGE ALL MEMBERS TO VOTE for your club’s 2014 board members. The most important part of your decision making process should be to vote for the people who you think will WORK IN THE BEST OVERALL INTEREST OF OUR CLUB.   All members are entitled to 1 ballot.   PLEASE VOTE!!!! 2014 BOARD MEMBER BALLOT PRESIDENT Jeff Stark, Rusty Stevens VICE PRESIDENT Shawn Callahan, John Evans TREASURER Al Gutberlet, Sarah Stevens RACE DIRECTOR NONE ASSISTANT RACE DIRECTOR Tony Ilaqua SECRETARY Sarah Stevens, Gail Conklin, Kristin Bovee SAFETY DIRECTOR Tim Shelhart HEAD FLAGGER NONE ONLINE/POINTS Terry Pogue, Rusty Stevens PROMOTIONS Bruce Pogue, Mike Fauci (younger) 4 CYCLE REPRESENTATIVE Rich Gamrod 2 CYCLE REPRESENTATIVE Don Foley GROUNDSKEEPER Russell R Stevens OVAL LIASON John Kowalski, David Farnan VINTAGE LIASON Scott Kneisel...

2013 GVKC Board Nominations Needed!

2013 GVKC Board Nominations Needed! The end of the year is almost upon us! Due to a lack of responses for Board Member nominations, we are extending the time club members have to return their nomination forms until September 9th. As a reminder, here is your current Board of Directors: President:  Doug Anne Vice President:  Jeff Stark Co-Secretaries:  Andrea Hicks, Sally Coupal Treasurer:  Al Gutberlet Race Director:  Michael Fauci Safety Director:   Flagger: Michael Fauci Points & Online Systems:  Terry Pogue Groundskeeper:  Mike Fauci 2-cycle Representative:  Alan Decker 4-cycle Representative:  Rich Gamrod Promotions:  Taylor Ness & Bruce Pogue See something you would like improved, or just would like the opportunity to volunteer your services to the club? You may nominate yourself! Please be sure to nominate members who will contribute to the job responsibilities, and that they are interested and available for next year (I will be available for online systems again next year…Just saying…). Not sure what what a board member is responsible for? Simply check page 4 of the GVKC rulebook, found here. Emails were sent out this week advising club members of the extended return date for nomination forms. In case you missed it or did not receive it, you may download the nomination form here. For a list of club members, please click here. You may email your completed form to Sally Coupal by clicking here (or send to sally@gompc.net). You may also turn your form in this Sunday at the...
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