Posted by Rusty on Jun 24, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It was a hot and humid Sunday. The villainous rain hovered in the distance, waiting to strike down yet another race day. We, the racers, won the battle, and completed the full event schedule. We were not without our casualties. Seat struts snapped, an engine blew, and a 50mm axle snapped clean through with no apparent cause. Mike forged on, and ran all of the events back to back. Classes were combined, and somehow the racing was over by about 2:30PM. Flaggers were always at the ready, and when replacements were needed, folks really stepped up to the plate.

I want to thank Matt and Ted Moreau for jumping in to help our team get RJ’s broken seat strut replaced, and get him back on the track. We all really appreciate the assistance.

There was a lot of good passing, and drivers really pushing each other’s abilities. MiKayla Meyer and RJ put on a good show during the Sr. Sealed Light Main Event. The race for 3rd place had good clean passing, and both drivers were really pushing themselves. I could see MiKayla walk over to RJ at the scale house and shake his hand after the race. This is what the GVKC is all about!

I had the opportunity to speak with a new racer, and his father. (I’m terrible with names – sorry guys). The reason they chose to buy a kart and join us on Sunday is the family atmosphere, and the willingness to help each other out. This is our strength, and I couldn’t wish for a better group of people to spend my Sunday with.


P.S. If anyone has a race experience or story that they would like to share, I would be gad to put it on the front page for you. You can E-Mail me at

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  1. Rusty says:

    I lied, there was no Ugly, and only a little bad :)

  2. Sarah says:

    By the way…check out the art exhibition we’ve got over at Registration. The current show is courtesy of Tony DiJames, 3 years old.

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