Posted by Terry on Oct 3, 2011


Since the last update, we have only had one day of kart racing at the Avon track. On Sept 25th we had a perfect day for holding the $200 to win Yamaha Pipe race. In addition to the special race, it was also the final event for the 2011 Summer Series Championship. In the Yamaha event, Alex Salsbury took fast time in the qualifying session , but had to retire early in
the feature due to mechanical problems. In the 20 lap Feature, Shane Morse took the early lead and maintained it through mid race when Robbie Little was able to squeeze by and run off to take the win. Shane finished second with Don Foley, Craig Barrett, and Will Salisbury rounding out the top 5. After the final, Robbie announced that he would be donating his winnings to the club. Way to go Robbie – GVKC appreciates your generosity. As mentioned, the championship also closed out on the 25th and the results for the season have been updated in the Standings page of the website. This past weekend, the Minicooper club was at the track on Saturday. There were about 25 cars onsite to take turns running the course and timing their results. The day started out a bit wet and cool, but by mid morning, things started drying out and times were coming down. From what I was told, everyone got about 8 runs on the day and had a great time. I believe discussions are already underway to schedule a date for next year.

We don’t need to say much about Sunday…. it was so cold and wet out that not even the Batavia Kart Club came out to play! BKC was scheduled to be out, but under the circumstnces its completely understandable why no one wanted to race – this is supposed to be fun, right? We have been discussing trying to schedule a time for putting down some more of the FlowMix on the Monza and would like to try doing it on Saturday afternoon after practice. We plan to shut down practice around 4pm and get to work on finishing the turn. The flowmix hardens up quick and should be ready to race on Sunday. We need some volunteers to come out to help put the material down. The more help we have, the quicker we can get it done. It only took a couple hours to get as far as we did last time so we can probably wrap up the remainder of the turn in short order Saturday if we have enough help. If you can help out, let me know by email or call my cell at 314-5555. The weather is supposed to be perfect for this and it may be our last opportunity so please help if you can.

The 2011 Awards Banquet will be held Saturday November 12th at the Lima Country Club. This is the same location we have used for the last couple years. Banquet invitations have been mailed out to all members and we would like to get reservations back by October 29th so we can have a number to provide to the caterers. If you do not get a reservation for
some reason, email or call me at the number above and let me know so I can get you in the count. Along with the invitation, there are voting forms for special awards for 2011. Please make your selections for the special awards and include
them with the returned reservations forms. Thanks This Saturday, The Oval guys race in the morning with Practice on the track till 4pm. On Sunday, Fall series race #1 will be held.

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