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Good Morning Everyone,

I wanted to post an update yesterday but had some difficulty gaining access to this section of our site but all is well now. I will begin that I visited the track on Wednesday night and there was some work that was still needing to be done. I received a message yesterday from a board member that not only spoke to our contractor but also visited the track and the blacktopping is complete.

I have called a board meeting for Monday night to discuss a revised schedule and some safety concerns that will need to be in place before we can put karts on the track. With the wet weather as of late it has been difficult to get topsoil as most of it is sloppy. We will need to put dirt and topsoil around the edges of the newly installed blacktop. Our contractor will be helping us with this effort. We will also be discussing upgrades to our PA system as well as reinstallation of the concrete rumble strips on the inside of the corners. These were removed for paving purposes and will have to be put back. One other item that will be on the table is input from our contractor as to how long it will be before we can put karts on the racing surface. Preliminarily, I can say from conversations with the paving contractor, that it shouldn’t be long because we have had warmer days with cool nights which helps to speed the curing process

I will have exact information and will post as well as put out an email blast on Tuesday, May 13. I know this has been a little dragged out , referring to the paving project, but it really looks great and I think that all of you are in for some great racing. I promise it won’t be much longer and I sincerely appreciate all of your patience.



Jeff Stark

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