Posted by jeffstark on Apr 16, 2014


Hi Everyone,

We have made great strides in the track maintenance/repair list but there is still plenty to do before opening day. We would welcome any and all who can assist us this Saturday April 19, 2014. We will start about 9:00 am and work until about 4:00pm. There is some fence repairs and painting that needs to be completed as well as a test of our PA system. There is a small roofing project on top of the booth that Alan Decker gave us last year which is planned to be the new scoring tower for the oval and also will used when we run our sprint course in reverse. Please come out and help us prepare for our opening day, your help is much needed and appreciated.

Another VERY important update is that our paving project is underway and should start April 18, 2014. Mobilization of equipment and preparation work should start no later than Friday. We are still hoping to keep our schedule as printed barring any weather problems. I will keep all of you updated with any changes as soon as possible.



Jeff Stark

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