Posted by jeffstark on Sep 21, 2013

Its time to vote!

voteKeep an eye on your mailbox, you should have your ballots soon!

As we close in on the voting process for our 2014 Board Members, please keep in mind all of the hard work and dedication that the 2013 board members who are seeking re-election have done this past year.  There are a lot of dedicated board members who have volunteered vast amounts of their time at the track as well as behind the scenes to make every race weekend a success for you.

To name a few accomplishments and weekly tasks that many of you may not know about or may have forgotten are as follows:

1.  Maintaining and updating of our GVKC website is a large task that many of us enjoy viewing but have no idea of the volunteer work involved behind the scenes that is done by our online/points board member.

2.  Tasks that your president completes every week include keeping members up to date with information both at the track and on our website including promoting the club and encouraging new membership. (ex. initiated the setting up of a GVKC booth to display karts at the Rochester Auto Show at the Riverside Convention Center).  I also have implemented many projects to improve the facility and saw them through to completion. (ex. secure the track with installation of perimeter gates and soon to be installed security cameras, cleaned restrooms, coordinated and helped install new windows in the tower with the aid of 50/50 raffles and bottle returns, organized a crew from Boon and Sons to completely edge and clean our track and trim our facility.  I am currently in the process with our board and a paving contractor to make some track improvements for the 2014 season and as soon as this race season concludes work will commence after board approval.

3. Our owner/treasurer has donated the funds to pay for the edging and cleaning of the track as well as the cost for striping and painting of the grid and track.  Maintaining the accounting of our club including paying of our bills, making bank deposits and properly preparing the accounting records which allows our club to be in good financial condition.

Please consider all that the above mentioned board members have done and have planned for next year before making your voting decisions.

Thank you from the 2013 board members who are seeking re-election and looking forward to serving you in 2014.


Jeff Stark

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